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FAQs for Our Local Roofing Contractors in Salisbury, NC

Q. What is the best roofing company near me?
Make a choice you can feel good about by choosing our roofing company, which cares about your home's appearance and safety. When you're searching for reputable roofers, you can always depend on our team. Each member has the skills and experience needed to restore your roof to better-than-ever condition.

Q. Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?
It depends on your policy. Homeowner's insurance generally covers a portion of the costs associated with house roof repair and replacement. You may need to pay your deductible before insurance steps in, however. Check your policy for details--your particular policy may not cover damage from hail and windstorms, or shed roofing.

Q. How much does roof repair cost?
Costs associated with roof repair vary greatly. Depending on the problem, repairs can be simple or complex. Leaks, for example, are typically more difficult to repair due to hidden moisture damage. Shingle repair, on the other hand, generally involves replacing damaged shingles with new ones. Ask our contractors for an estimate based on your needs.

Q. When should I replace my roof?
Replacement is a good option for roofs that are too old or too damaged to be repaired. If your current home is particularly old, or if you're moving into an older home, you may need to look into replacing the roof. It's the most cost-efficient option, as constant repairs could drain your home maintenance budget. Our local roofing contractors in Salisbury, NC, will let you know when replacement is the better choice.